Sustainable action as a basis for our future


Sustainability Policy

To be fit for the future means that Nölken Hygiene Products already recognizes changes and trends that affect the environment, society and the economy in the future and that it will adjust our economic activity accordingly. By diligently and responsibly conducting our business activities and safeguarding the interests of our stakeholders, we create trust and thus the basis for our long-term business success. Only if we take responsibility for people and nature, we can be economically successful. And only if we are economically fit, we can create added value for society and the environment.

Responsibility for products and sustainable consumption

Producing high-quality and sustainable care products that meet the high demands of our customers is our overarching goal. With meaningful and sustainable products, we also want to promote responsible consumption today and in the future. Through innovative product development and continuous improvement, we intend to grow healthy and innovative. We strive for this through continuous improvement by developing new and optimized processes and services. Compliance with all relevant regulations and laws with regard to environmental protection and labor standards is a matter of course for us. We oppose all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

Protecting the environment and resources

We take responsibility towards our ecological environment and strive to minimize and, where possible, avoid negative direct and indirect impacts. The precautionary approach to environmental protection as well as resource and energy prevention are the goals of our environmental management system. We take the initiative to create a greater environmental awareness and promote the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies and rely on renewable energy sources. Raw materials that are safe and sustainable for society and the environment as well as their careful extraction and production should form the basis of our product developments.

Fair dealing with people

We are jointly responsible for socially relevant aspects in the value chain, the region and our company. For people who come into contact with our company through work, projects or products, we want to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.

We commit ourselves to respecting international human rights within our sphere of influence and we also demand this compliance from our suppliers. Along the value chain, we are committed to ethical business practices that speak out against discrimination, child labor, human trafficking and forced labor.
We offer fair working conditions to our colleagues and abide by applicable labor standards. We have also established a health and safety program and health services.

Sustainability Code for our business partners

This sustainability code is the basis of the joint business relationship. It applies to our direct business partners as well as to the subcontractors commissioned by the direct business partners who are involved in the production of Nölken products and our customers' products, as well as to all links in the production and value chain.

Sustainability Code as pdf