Sustainability Reports

Our current Sustainability report shows our responsible actions and provides information on goals, actions and improvements.

For ecological reasons, we do not print our sustainability report. If you have any questions, please send us an email at: nachhaltigkeit(at)

Sustainability Magazine

In addition to our Sustainability Report, we have published a readerfriendly Sustainability Magazine

>Download our Sustainability Magazine here (pdf)


Sustainability Reports

Standing up for your values and visions to ensure your own performance is important, especially in these challenging times. At Nölken, we are committed to sustainability and align our actions on the basis of our integrated sustainability approach so that not only we, but also future generations, can meet the challenges for a more sustainable society. Once again, this pandemic has shown us how changes impact global supply chains and systems.

We can only achieve our progress if we consistently drive forward our sustainability agenda. That is why we are continuously developing our sustainability strategy. Nölken has been a climate-neutral company since 2020, underlining our strategic orientation based on sustainability!

On behalf of everyone, we hope you enjoy reading our 10th Sustainability Report and would like to thank our customers and partners.

> download current Sustainability Report 2020 (PDF)

We always want to improve our services, processes and ourselves and kindly ask you to provide us feedback by evaluating our Report online. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 


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