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For convincing product presentation

Inner quality, attractively packaged

A good design is the way to consumers’ hearts. Ultimately, they often only decide while shopping at the chemist or supermarket which product they will buy.

The packaging plays a crucial role here which goes far beyond simply protecting the contents. The look and feel are important factors and make a fundamental contribution to a positive shopping experience. Convincing packaging makes reference to its contents, highlights the quality of the product and gives it attractive value.

With these aims in mind, our experienced team supports you from the initial idea through surface design to technical implementation and the finished packaging. We make use of all the possibilities of modern packaging technology, experiment with material innovations and work together with you to develop complete concepts which perfectly combine function, design and quality, all with great passion for outstanding design.

As a result, we impress your customers not just when buying, but also when using your products, in the look, feel and opening.

Want to design your products for yourself? No problem! We are happy to work together with your specialist department or external agencies.

Together, we develop appealing and functional packaging for your care products.

Good design and perfect print results are my passion. Whether for private label or a brand – at point of sale, the exterior design is a crucial factor.

Dorothee Wiedemann
Head of Marketing & Project Management

Dorothee Wiedemann, Teamleitung Marketing & Projektmanagement bei der Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH.

Recycling and sustainability

We are trailblazers in the development and production of sustainable packaging solutions.

Design and information

Our packaging combines appealing design with all of the key information.

Service and advice

Of course, we are happy to work together with your team or an external service provider.

The basis for our environmentally responsible packaging development is the aim of minimising negative impacts such as mountains of rubbish and microplastics and bolstering positive effects such as foregoing packaging and the resulting savings in terms of energy and resources.

Since 2019, an internal working group has been addressing the aspects of disposal and recycling, with a focus on recyclability as well as the ecological and social aspects of the materials.

Whether its composite films for wet wipes, bottles, pots and tubes, or boxes: our aim is to optimise recyclability and the fundamental avoidance of packaging, the necessity of which is increasingly criticised within the context of public discussion with regard to a sustainable lifestyle.

Our packaging mission: your road to sustainable packaging

We use only packaging materials which are relevant for product safety and avoid unnecessary secondary packaging. For example, we can do away with the shrink wrap or carrying bag for multipacks.

We strive to reduce our use of materials – in particular plastics – in all packaging.

Wherever practical, we use reusable packaging and offer our customers refill packs.

We are on a good path towards making all plastic packaging recyclable and making a significant contribution to the recycling economy.

Recycled material:
Where possible, we use recycled material from open and closed cycles.

Researching alternative materials and always defining the most appropriate source of materials is part of our everyday work. For example, we offer plastic packaging which is made using renewable raw materials.

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