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Our production

Modern technology – efficient processes – uncompromising quality

We manufacture our wide range of wet wipes, nursing pads, and liquid and semi-solid cosmetic products in accordance with the latest environmental, safety and hygiene standards in three modern factories.

Here, fully automated systems and robots guarantee efficient manufacturing processes with consistently high product quality. We achieve this through constant optimisation of workflows, regular training for our dedicated employees, and continuous maintenance and modernisation of our systems, some of which we have developed ourselves.

All processes are strictly and continuously monitored in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 certification and the guidelines on good manufacturing practices (Cosmetics GMP DIN EN 22716).

Fully automated production at Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH.

Digitalised production

A modern process control system ensures a consistently high quality level and absolute faithfulness to the recipe during manufacturing of hygiene products by Nölken.

Comprehensive monitoring

Our quality management system documents every step in the manufacturing of our care products and thus ensures absolute transparency in the production processes.

One for all

From the production of hygiene products through cloth production to filling of liquid and solid products, we offer all services in one place.

Mixing operation: careful processes for the highest quality
Precise down to the last detail: mixing systems at Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH.

Our modern and versatile mixing systems allow us to implement a broad spectrum of cosmetic recipes, both for low viscosity products such as creams and for high viscosity products such as lotions and shampoos.

Our technical production is complemented by our powder dissolving system. This allows for careful addition of powder on the one hand, and can precisely homogenise and/or emulsify products in recirculation on the other.

Our customers’ specifications are the final word for the recipes. They are controlled through a modern process control system so that the digitalised production process guarantees consistently high quality during production.

This is monitored by our experienced chemists, who ensure the high hygiene and cleanliness standards during the production and mixing of the cosmetic products and care products.

What sets Nölken mixing operations apart:

  • Digitised manufacturing using a modern process control system
  • Broad production spectrum for liquid and viscous hygiene products
  • Modern and flexible equipment and machine park
  • Monitoring by experienced process engineers

Want to learn more about Nölken Hygiene Products’ mixing operation? Then get in touch, we look forward to receiving your enquiry!

Cloth production: more than clean – hygienically pure
Cloth production for manufacturing of the high-quality Nölken wet wipes.

Cloth production is the heart of our company and is done under clean room conditions. The manufacturing process is highly mechanised and automated, and is continuously monitored by our experienced employees.

The strictest hygiene provisions such as wearing appropriate protective clothing, and entering and leaving the cloth production area through special airlocks ensure efficient production in accordance with Nölken’s uncompromising quality standards.

Cohesion in the team has the highest priority for me. Only a good team that sticks together can also perform well.

Özkan Balaban
Shift leader

Liquid filling: we step on the gas
Modern tube filling for semi-solid fluids at Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH.

Whether for small batches or large volumes: our systems allow liquid and semi-solid cosmetic products to be filled into a wide variety of packaging such as bottles, pots and tubes.

Our modern technology offers maximum flexibility here in terms of volume. Together with cloth production, liquid filling offers a multitude of possibilities for the manufacturing of various hygiene products.

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