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Nölken Donates Hygiene Products for Refugees from Ukraine

Nölken Hygiene Products supports aid projects for those affected by the Ukraine conflict

The Russian attack on Ukraine has shocked the whole world. The suffering of the civilian population, in particular, has united countries and people who want to help, across borders. Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH is also expressing solidarity and offering rapid assistance to war refugees from Ukraine.

In his opening statement, Managing Director Markus Nölken says: "Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian civilian population, who are currently experiencing unimaginable suffering. We strongly condemn violence and war and want to support all those who stand for freedom, peace, and peaceful coexistence - regardless of their nationality."

Nölken is supplying disinfection and hygiene products

More specifically, the company is therefore supporting two aid projects. For example, Nölken is contributing four pallets of disinfection and hygiene products, which are being delivered as a collective transport to the Slovakian border to care for refugees there.

The local relief action is organised by Martin Buchholz, Mayor of Windhagen, with the support of the Lions Club Rhein-Wied. "As a Windhagen-based company, this is an ideal opportunity for us to help those affected as quickly as possible."

Another four pallets with disinfection and hygiene products are being organised through the municipality in Nowogrodziec, where Nölken's Polish site is located. These are handed over to the Polish Red Cross, which will distribute them amongst the refugees.

"As a company, we consider it our duty to support all civilian casualties and all those who want to live in peace," Markus Nölken sums up. "With the planned relief actions, we are making our contribution to this."

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