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Sustainable development goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Die 17 Sustainable Development Goals der Vereinten Nationen.

The Nölken sustainability strategy includes both short-term annual targets and long-term targets which we are striving to achieve by 2030 and which are regularly defined.

The goals are allocated to the three areas of activity of products, environment and people and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) provide the foundation for our sustainability strategy.

Unsere Sustainable Development Goals im Bereich Produkte

Strategic goal

  • Promotion of responsible consumption through environmentally friendly product range development
  • Min. 30% of annual turnover from ecolabel products

Status as of 2021

  • 12.6% of turnover from climate-neutral products
  • 34.5% of turnover from ecolabel products
  • Procurement of all natural raw materials from sustainable and/or certified production by 2030.
  • 100% MB-certified palm (kernel) oil derivatives
  • Carry out 2022 situation analysis
  • Sustainable and transparent procurement of raw materials
  • Implementation of due diligence in the supply chain
  • Raise awareness of sustainability among stakeholders
  • Carry out raw material hot spot analysis
  • Addition of sustainability to the list of criteria planned for 2022
  • 30 documented meetings with suppliers
  • Situation analysis of suppliers with QM and/or environmental systems planned for 2022
  • Promotion of the recycling economy and circular thinking
  • 98% of the composite films bought are recyclable
  • 16.6% of packaging made from PCR material

Our sustainable development goals for the environment

Strategic goal

  • Orientation of production on the basis of ecological standards
  • Building on collection of operating data

Status as of 2021

  • Introduction of a waste report at the Nowogrodziec site
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • CCF calculation, reduction and offsetting of CO2 emissions
  • Replacement of all conventionally propelled forklifts with electric forklifts by 2023
  • Energy consultation planned for 2022
  • CCF carried out for Windhagen and Poland
  • One gas-fuelled forklift replaced with an electric model
  • Climate neutrality through climate protection projects
  • Transition to renewable energies
  • Production hall IN6 equipped with a PV system, PV system planned for production facility IN8 for 2022
  • Conversion to intelligent lighting and LEDs
  • 7 electric vehicle charging stations installed

Our sustainable development goals for people

Strategic goal

  • Reduce the number of occupational accidents to 0%
  • Health support for employees

Status as of 2021

  • Health and safety measures bolstered
  • Offer two sustainability training courses every year
  • Fill at least four training positions every year
  • Introduce a complaints mechanism
  • Two sustainability training courses offered
  • Four training positions filled
  • Create a trusting and respectful working environment
  • Promote ideas management
  • Trusted person confirmed
  • Trusted person confirmed
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