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Sustainability policy

We take responsibility

We are committed to sustainable development that combines economic goals with socially and environmentally responsible actions. In this way, we can create a better world together by using resources more wisely while maintaining stability in society. In doing so, people always come first for us.

For Nölken Hygiene Products, being fit for the future means recognising changes and trends early that will affect the environment, society and the economy in the future and adjusting our business activities accordingly.

By carrying out our business activities conscientiously and responsibly and safeguarding the interests of our stakeholders, we create trust and thus the basis for our long-term business success. We can only be economically successful if we take responsibility for people and nature. Only if we are economically successful can we create added value for society and the environment.

Our focus areas

At Nölken we are aware of the importance of sustainability and responsible corporate governance. We strive to keep our impact in mind in all our business activities, focusing specifically on three equally important areas: Products, Environment and People.

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Focus area: Products

The production of high-quality and sustainable care products.


Focus area: Environment

Taking responsibility for our ecological environment.


Focus area: People

Being a responsible partner for everyone who comes into contact with us and our projects.

Sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals

The Nölken sustainability strategy includes both short-term annual targets and long-term targets which we are striving to achieve by 2030 and which are regularly defined.

The goals are allocated to the three areas of activity of products, environment and people and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) provide the foundation for our sustainability strategy.

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Sustainability News

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Nölken publishes its twelfth sustainability report for its anniversary year

Nölken has once again demonstrated its commitment to sustainability with the publication of its 2022 Sustainability Report. The Windhagen-based company celebrated its 40th anniversary in the reporting year and shows that sustainable practices are an essential part of its success.

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