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Our focus areas

Focus area: Products

Our overarching goal is the production of high-quality and sustainable care products which meet our customers’ exacting requirements. We would also like these sustainable products to inspire responsible consumption, both today and in the future. We strive to continually improve our products, and we rely on the innovative strength of our team and our customers for this.

Die Wertschöpfungskette von Nölken: Effiziente Lösungen von der Entwicklung bis zur Entsorgung.

We work on reducing the negative impacts of our products and boosting the positive effects. This includes looking at the entire value chain – from procurement of the raw materials through to disposal of the products.

Raw materials which are obtained with consideration for society and the environment and which are safe for processing and use form the basis for this. The complexity and the large number of suppliers have resulted in an increase in the risks. In order to combat the procurement risk, the procurement department takes the necessary measures for safeguarding and risk avoidance.

These risks are controlled in particular through the supplier prequalification process. Raw material procurement primarily has potential human rights and ecological risks. Human rights risks in relation to people's working and living conditions may occur in the cultivation and manufacturing of natural fibres or palm-based derivatives. In addition, there are environmental risks for the area immediately surrounding the cultivation region in question.

The FSC, PEFC and RSPO supply chain certifications, which we hold, reduce environmental and human rights risks. We also consider risks within the context of the disposal and waste directives.

Our development process therefore focuses on the greatest possible ability to recycle the packaging and environmentally friendly disposal of the products in order to make materials available again as raw materials and thus close the product loop, among other things.

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