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Our sustainability reports

Sustainability has been an integral part of the corporate strategy at Nölken since 2011 in order to position topics such as future viability, resource-saving production, ecological and social commitment and responsibly throughout the company and to systematically measure and further develop them.

Our sustainability reports are addressed to all of our stakeholders – customers, service providers, suppliers, non-governmental organisations, politicians and authorities, the scientific community, and the media, as well as our neighbours, the public, and our employees. The structure of the sustainability report has been in line with the German Sustainability Code since 2014. We have also been reporting in accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact since 2011.

In 2023, we published our twelfth sustainability report in a row. The report covers the period from January to December 2022 and provides an overview of our sustainability strategy, our targets and our progress. We provide information about concepts and measures which we have taken in order to make our products, services and our value chain even more sustainable.

Highlights of our 2022 sustainability report

  • 54.3 % of the nonwovens are sustainably certified
  • 100 % sustainably certified palm raw materials
  • Target: Nölken wants to become climate neutral by 2045
  • Voluntary implementation of the Supply Chain Act initiated; whistleblower system established
  • Share of women 45 % in management level 1 and 2 below the executive board
  • 64.6% (Windhagen and Neustadt/Wied) and 56.7% (Nowogrodziec) of our energy demand comes from renewable sources / renewable energy
  • 73.2 % of waste is recycled; waste volumes decreased, despite increased production volumes

The next sustainability report will appear in 2024

This report summarises the business activities and impacts of Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH and Noelken Sp. z o.o. The limits of the report essentially line up with our production limits. Publication of the next comprehensive sustainability report is planned for the first half of 2024.

We want to make our company and our products even more sustainable in the future. Which we can only do in consultation with you.

Hence our request: tell us your opinion, criticism or suggestions. You can find our online survey here. You are also welcome to write to us directly with your feedback at .

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